The ugly truth

There are so many things people are ashamed of when it comes to themselves, our their life in general. I happen to not really be “ashamed” of my life, lifestyle, personality and/or choices however I well admit that there are quite a few things in which I am disappointed about. I secretly label them “my ugly truths.” The honest truth about, well, the truth is that people trend to “unfriend” the truth when it comes to their own story. My ugly truths? Sure, I don’t mind sharing at all.

1.) My weakness
Everyone knows that everyone, even super hero’s, have a weakness. Cryptonite,
And mine which just so happens to be the biggest weakness of them all – Love. I’ve been taken to hell and back because when I love, I love hard and won’t throw in the towel until I know for sure there’s nothing more that can be done to salvage my broken relationships. That goes for family, friends, and my significant other; each playing an important role in my life, no matter how small.

2.) Temper, Temper!
I’ve been known to have a bit of a temper, then again who doesn’t? I’ve been referred to as a cry baby, a whine baby, a big ol baby, and other things of that nature. Truth is I’m spoiled, simply put. I want things done my way, on my time! Control freak? Not at all. I don’t ask for much but when I do I expect it to be done when I ask, how I asked it to be done. If not prepare to deal with the whiny, potty mouth, angry Bitch that will soon present herself.

3.) A hard head makes a soft ass!
What a classic saying, and oh how true it is. I’ve always been hard headed but it want until my adult life that I realized how horrible the consequences could be. Have I learned my lesson? Hell no, I’m pig headed and more than likely will remain so for the rest of my days.